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Hasse Bruniusson

Hasse started to play the drums in the mid-sixties, he was the drummer in the then famous "OBJECTIONS". This was the time when you could be a real pop star, and Hasse was one of them. Then came the influences of psycedelia, The Doors etc. Beatles made the White album, and the young drummer started to think in terms of JAZZ when listening to "Revolution Number 9" (not really a jazz number but more like a electronic music experiment).

In 1969 Hasse started a new group with Lars Kranz former Objections rhythm guitarist on Bass and Lars Hollmer on Fender Rhodes electric piano, plus Henrik "Bebben" Ahberg on congas. They developed a highly original sound thru jamming, classical meets folk meets blues, all in a very spacey, high energy style of own compositions. The group was named "SAMLA MAMMAS MANNA", and they were soon one of the most popular groups in Sweden at that time.

They added a guitarplayer - Coste Apetrea - and "Bebben" left for further studies. They recorded several albums and toured in Scandinavia and Europe as well as numerous radio- and TV-performances.

Hasse became highly respected among musicians in Sweden and soon gained cult status because of his very uniqe playing and extravagant stage output that he developed along with the other members in "SAMLA".

"Samla" split and Hasse worked as a theatre musician for a while, plus different studio sessions with progrock.

1979 Hasse played percussion in "Fantasia" - a group I formed after leaving KAIPA. He has also done sessions with Fred Frith, Greg Fitzpatrick, Kenny Hakansson, Nya Ljudbolaget, Alaska, Triangulus, to mention some.

During the 80:s Hasse and I worked together on several recordings and Live projects, including the "Mannaminne" album that was Hasses (kind of) pop tribute album with his own composing at the forefront, but he even sang, played Electric piano, Simmons drums and Synthesizer... A rather humourous and beautiful recording.

In the mid 80:s Hasse began devoting a lot of time and energy to develop electric drumkits of different kinds. He worked close to CLAVIA'S Hasse Nordelius, and it's actually mostly Hasses drums and hitting that can be heard on all worldwide rock superstar drummers who use D-drums live & in the studio. He created "Apparatorium", a futuristic electro acoustic drum kit, for generally one man playing.

After working with a "top 40 band" (Roynes!!? ...inspite the similarity of name, I had nothing to do with that band...) Hasse returned to progrock 1991 with the fantastic reunion of "SAMLA MAMMAS MANNA" and with his participating in "ENSEMBLE NIMBUS" and "THE FLOWER KINGS". He also played on MERIT HEMMINGSSONS "ZODIAK"album.

Hasse is frequently jamming with friends in sort of free form experimenting group called "Cyborg" (mainly with Hakan Almkvist of "Enseble Nimbus" and Per Nordin). The sessions are allways recorded with possibility for future releases. That is precious, adventurous music-making for Hasse who realy loves the freedom of improvisasion as well as being a fan of Gentle Giant, King Crimson, Frank Zappa, David Thorn, Magma, YES, Avant Garde, free form and electronic music. He is very happy with the Album/cassette "Ur Sync" that is a jamsession with former "Zamla" member Eino Haapala and Per Nordin (our webspinner) recorded back in late 70's and released on cassette on the Swedish "Slask" label.

As the Joker of Progrock he's quite comfortable doing almost anything to acheive a new experience, and to learn more, as he is hungry for knowledge by nature: a Joker with a brain indeed.

Also check out the "Instant Noise" presentation of Hasse at the Samla site.

Flower Kings Players:

Jonas Reingold:   Basses
Tomas Bodin:   Grand Piano & Electric Keyboards
Hasse Fröberg:   Vocals & guitars
Roine Stolt:   Guitars, Vocals
Hasse Bruniusson:   Acoustic & Electric percussion
Felix Lehrmann:   Drumkit
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