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Hasse Fröberg

Born January 4th 1964. Started early with guitar and drum lessons, played in local pop and rock bands at the age of 15.

In 1983 he started the Heavy Rock Band "Spellbound", wrote much of the material together with Guitar player Jocke Marsh.

Recorded 2 albums "Breaking The Spell" in December 84 and "Rocking Reckless" in December 85. The band also recorded material that wasn't released until today on "Megarock Records, Sweden" as the album "Hidden Treasures" for the Japanese market.

Spellbound disbanded in 88, and Hasse toured with 70's comic rockers "Highway Stars" and started his own group "Solid Blue", that toured heavily in Sweden during 93-95. Foxtrot Records released the CD with the somewhat cryptical title "Volume 3" in October 94 on which Hasse did most of the writing and sang lead . It is pretty forward rock'n roll. Hasse is also involved as lead singer and composer in Barrelhouse, a group that follows the hard road of the Zeppelin tradition. Anyone lucky enough to have seen one of the informal fan concerts will already know Hasse sings a great version of 'No Quarter'

Hasse's involvement in The Flower Kings started in 1994 when he was invited by Roine Stolt to sing a couple of tracks on the album "The Flower King" that was actually released as a Roine Stolt solo project. After he that guested on the first Flower Kings 'proper' album "Retropolis" in 1996. In the same year during the recording of the double CD "Stardust We Are" Hasse was invited to be a permanent member of the band and in May 97 he joined the band for the first time on stage.

Hasse's distinct high pitch lead vocal and harmony is now an integral part of The Flower Kings. Hasse even contributes to the writing of the bands material with 'Magic Pie' being a firm fan favourite.

And interesting item of trivia about Hasse is that although he is the only non professional musician in the band (he works at Stockholm airport and has to take unpaid holidays to tour) with all the various local cover and cabaret bands he performs with 'for fun', Hasse actually does more concerts per year than the rest of the band put together!

Flower Kings Players:

Jonas Reingold:   Basses
Tomas Bodin:   Grand Piano & Electric Keyboards
Hasse Fröberg:   Vocals & guitars
Roine Stolt:   Guitars, Vocals
Hasse Bruniusson:   Acoustic & Electric percussion
Felix Lehrmann:   Drumkit
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