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Jonas Reingold

Jonas Reingold is a 32 years old bass player from Malmo, Sweden. He started to play bass 1986 when he subbed for a friend who was the bassplayer in the local famous act WIRE. The band was happy with his performance and offered him the spot. From 1988-1994 he studied music and achieved a master degree of fine arts 1994. Busy working as a session player between 1994-1996 he finally released his debut album as a band leader 1995 "Sweden bass Orchestra" A bass big band consisting 5 bass players and a drummer. They also had a guest performance by the living legend Niels-Henning Orstedt Pedersen on the disc. Between 1996-1999 Reingold was busy recording with various artists and different projects, Midnight Sun, Reingold, Sand and Gold to name a few.

In 1999 he started to work with the Flower Kings, replacing Michael Stolt who moved on to other things, and is still a permanent member in the group. Right now he is involved with the Kings and his own band Karma-Kanics.

For full details about Jonas' side projects, please visit Reingold Music's website.

Flower Kings Players:

Jonas Reingold:   Basses
Tomas Bodin:   Grand Piano & Electric Keyboards
Hasse Fröberg:   Vocals & guitars
Roine Stolt:   Guitars, Vocals
Hasse Bruniusson:   Acoustic & Electric percussion
Felix Lehrmann:   Drumkit
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