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Roine Stolt

I was born in Uppsala, Sweden, on September 5, 1956, and started my career in the late 60's playing bass in local rock bands, covers of Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck, Beatles and King Crimson. The Psychedelic era really made an impression on me, and groups like The Doors, Jimi Hendrix Experience, Vanilla Fudge, Procol Harum and the Beatles "Magical Mystery..." era were the new exciting world of music.

I switched to guitar in 73 and in the brief sojourn with Allman Brothers-influenced "Orexis", I started to understand my compositional abilities. At this time I felt a strong urge to become a part of the professional music scene but didn't know how to get there.

In the summer of 74 I became the guitarist in KAIPA, a hard-working, professional, progressive rock band with daily rehearsals. It was a magical experience for a 17-year old musician. The group made three successful albums on the DECCA label and was busy touring more than 100 gigs a year, including national TV and radio performances in Scandinavia. These KAIPA albums are now reissued worldwide and are often regarded as the premier Scandinavian symphonic rock albums of the 'seventies.

In 1979 I left KAIPA to form my own group FANTASIA and made two albums, of which the first is reissued on CD on the Swedish label MNW Records. The group split up in 83 after releasing a more commercial-sounding album on Warner Records in 82. I started working as a session musician, arranger and producer.

It was at this point I felt I had really learned to master the guitar that my career as singer started on the 1985 album "Behind The Walls", which was a melodic and romantic album more in the style of Jackson Browne or Hall and Oates.

In the late 80's I started up my own publishing and recording label - Foxtrot Music - and was also involved in various projects including live performances and recording sessions with other artists and my style wandered away from symphonic rock towards more traditional rock, funk , pop, folk, blues and jazz. In my own "Stolt" project, on CD release "The Lonely Heartbeat" 1989, the sound is a mix of pop and complex rock.

I played and recorded with many different artists during the 80's: Rebecka Törnqvist, Anders Widmark, Dana Dragomir, Zia, Moni, Åsa Jinder, Wennman, Desert Honkers, Claes Jansson. I became the father of two sons, Johan Sebastian and Peter Gabriel, named after two of my all-time musical mentors.

The 90's saw the rebirth of progressive rock, and time was right for a revisit. I released the CD "The Flower King" in mid-August of 94. It was an album that tried to unleash the forces of good in the negative, violent, aggressive, competitive music business of today. Reinstate the old hippie ideals, lyrically and musically.


KAIPA was the leading Scandinavian progressive band in the 70's and recorded five albums during the years 1975 - 1982. Taking basic inspiration from the Swedish folk music they performed an elaborate symphonic music aiming at the expression of emotions and feelings in an aesthetic of formal beauty and melodic perfection.

Kaipa, however, intended to differentiate themselves from past and present styles, producing a personal and original music taking its inspiration from the past yet looking to the future.

In year 2000 Hans Lundin and Roine Stolt decided to bring their forces together again and reform KAIPA.

The new Kaipa album is filled with all new material. All the colours, shapes and vibes of the unique Kaipa-music from the 70's are present, but with enough new grooves and textures to be attractive to both die hard fans and the uninitiated alike. This is definitely progressive rock for the new millennium - rocking, and raving with blistering guitars and distorted synths, paving the way for all those glorious Mellotrons and Hammond organs that have been and are still the trademarks of 70's progressive rock.

Although Hans and Roine had been musically parted for more than twenty years, this most recent effort is proof the chemistry is still alive and well. It's as if the band and music were teleported directly from 1976. It doesn't take long to realize that all the right pieces are in place again. As was the case during their heyday, Kaipa is a force once again with Hans and Roine at the helm.

Together with a handful of Swedens top musicians in the prog and fusion genre, they excel with this most recent offering of classic vocal lines, textured keyboard and guitar wizardry. It also features Patrik Lundstöm (of Ritual) on lead vocals and Morgan Ågren (Zappa, Mats&Morgan) pounding the drums in his own unique frenzied style - a true master class experience in percussion. New bass phenomenon Jonas Reingold, (The FlowerKings) adds his slightly distorted, high energy basslines to this fusion drive, and makes for a completely solid rhythm section. They fire off a cascade of prog-folk-symph- rock that has as many similarities to the previous Kaipa records as it has differences.


Supergroup project, featuring Roine Stolt. Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater), Neal Morse (Spock's Beard) and Pete Trewavas (Marillion).

For details, please visit the Official Transatlantic website.

Flower Kings Players:

Jonas Reingold:   Basses
Tomas Bodin:   Grand Piano & Electric Keyboards
Hasse Fröberg:   Vocals & guitars
Roine Stolt:   Guitars, Vocals
Hasse Bruniusson:   Acoustic & Electric percussion
Felix Lehrmann:   Drumkit
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