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Tomas Bodin

Tomas Bodin, born April 9th 1959. Keyboard player, composer, musical director, arranger, producer.

He started his career with piano lessons at an early age, later on he studied music in Stockholm and started playing in local bands. In 1985 Tomas joined Roine Stolt's group "STOLT" and started touring and playing on records together with Roine.

Tomas also worked with music for different stage productions, including his own "Skils Mässa". A couple of years back, he wrote a performance called "En Gammal Meny" for Uppsala Stadsteater.

He invested his money in a huge array of electronic keyboards (Good move!!!) and learned everything there is about most synthesizers and keyboards in general.

The result of this growing interest in and knowledge of Midi-fied Keyboards led him to a position where he worked as a Computer-Based Midi Music Teacher. Tomas also did a brief session as Music Publisher in the BLM company, together with Roine Stolt and former KAIPA bass player Tomas Eriksson.

At the present Tomas is working with various musical projects along with his work with "The FLOWER KINGS". He has been composing music for leading theaters in Sweden like, Dramaten, Riksteatern and Uppsala Stadsteater.

Tomas released his first solo record "An Ordinary Night In My Ordinary Life" in 1996, containing keyboard centered Symphonic and Progressive music, and his second solo album "Pinup Guru", was released early Autumn 2002. Both CDs are released by InsideOut Music.

Tomas' influences ranges from Beatles, Macedonian music, Classic, Folk, Electronic, ELP, Ethnic, Film Scores, Jazz to Wagnerian Bombastics. Prepare for a stylistic roller-coaster ride when you enter the world of Tomas Bodin on his solo outlets, they're great!

Flower Kings Players:

Jonas Reingold:   Basses
Tomas Bodin:   Grand Piano & Electric Keyboards
Hasse Fröberg:   Vocals & guitars
Roine Stolt:   Guitars, Vocals
Hasse Bruniusson:   Acoustic & Electric percussion
Felix Lehrmann:   Drumkit
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