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2011 News

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THE FLOWER KINGS & NEAL MORSE BAND - on tour together in spring 2013!

20th December 2012
To celebrate "INSIDE OUT MUSIC 20 YEARS ANNIVERSARY" Progressive rock superstars NEAL MORSE and ROINE STOLT take both their bands on a world tour together in selected cities, in spring 2013, for an evening of sunny symphonic prog. Two bands will share the stage – THE FLOWER KINGS with epic new album "Banks Of Eden" and NEAL MORSE with his latest top shelf prog-rocking offering "Momentum" - this double bill will offer an evening of some of the best, most energetic and most melodic and vital progressive rock on the planet since the heyday of ELP, Pink Floyd, Yes and Genesis!

With two members of Transatlantic it is not far away to a Transatlantic mini reunion as grand finale!
ROINE comments: "We hope to make every evening special - with jamming and interacting - a modern "The Last Waltz" that can happen with 11 musicians, no egos and 3,5 hours to kill. There were the times of Fillmore East & Fillmore West in the USA in late 60's, it had all these insanely great bills every time, it's rock history and it’s been in our system since we were teenagers. With The Flower Kings we have fans seeing 4 or 5 shows of a tour and we want to surprise them too. We love our fans dearly and we even know many of them, not only by face, but by name. Those smiling faces are the true reward and it's like seeing old friends. I know so many fans in Peru, Argentina, Indonesia, Greece, Israel, Brazil, Mexico, Japan, Canada, Finland, Norway etc. want to see a show like this, but for geographic, political or health reasons don't have the chance or funds to get to a show like this. But we want to step into their living rooms and bring this joy to everyone, every age so we are planning to record the show, for a future release. Just having 11 musicians on tour together will be great - the sheer musicality onboard that bus will most likely make it implode. We are all looking forward to this grand adventure in February 2013 and to play together and bring all this talent together for a night to remember."

Check out the current tour dates in selected cities

Steve Hackett - Genesis Revisited II

18th November 2012
Steve Hackett - Genesis Revisited II (2012)
Price: €22 or $30 - includes shipping

Steve Hackett
Genesis Revisited II

(Feat. Steven Wilson, Nad Sylvan, John Wetton, Nik Kershaw, Mikael Åkerfelt, Francis Dunnery, Nick Beggs, Simon Collins, Roine Stolt, Neal Morse, Roger King etc.)
Ltd. Edition 2CD
  1. The Chamber Of 32 Doors
  2. Blood On The Rooftops
  3. The Return Of The Giant Hogweed
  4. Horizons
  5. Supper's Ready
  6. Entangled
  7. Eleventh Earl Of Mar
  8. The Lamia
  9. Dancing With The Moonlit Knight
  10. Ripples
  11. Unquiet Slumbers For The Sleepers...
  12. Fly On A Windshield
  13. Broadway Melody Of 1974
  14. ...In That Quiet Earth
  15. Afterglow
  16. The Musical Box
  17. Can Utility And The Coastliners
  18. A Tower Struck Down
  19. Camino Royale
  20. Please Don't Touch
  21. Shadow Of The Hierophant

Lalle Larsson's Weaveworld

18th November 2012
Lalle Larsson's Weaveworld (2012)
Price: €18 or $26 - includes shipping


Lalle Larsson - virtuoso keyboardist grande deluxe - also know for his fireworks in Agents Of Mercy and Karmakanic.
"The Weaveworld Trilogy" is written as an instrumental suite of three albums with the same concept and the same band.
Lalle Larsson – Piano/keyboards
Richard Hallebeek - guitar
Stefan Rosqvist- guitar
Jonas Reingold - bass
Walle Wahlgren - drums

Nightscapes is the third and final album in the trilogy
  1. Insomnia
  2. A Dream of a Thousand Weaves
  3. Rainbow’s Gold
  4. Zero Hour
  5. Nocturne
  6. Nightscapes Suite
  7. Dawn Sheds a Final Tear
Format: CD Audio presented in Digipak with booklet
Total running time: 69:17
Hear: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=82jWYsiN_08

Agents of Mercy plays Sweden Prog Fest 2012.

15th October 2012
We are very happy to announce that Roine Stolt, Nad Sylvan, Jonas Reingold, Lalle Larsson and Walle Wahlgren is following up their triumphant headlining performance at Sweden Prog Fest 2011.

The Agents are doing just a few gigs before Roine and Jonas continue The Flower Kings-Banks of Eden tour in 2013 and Nad Sylvan is going out on Steve Hackett's-Genesis Revisited World tour.

This also means that 3rd World Electric unfortunately won't be appearing. This decision was taken mainly for logistical reasons. Maybe next time...

2-day ticket (you're automatically part of the draw of three exclusive t-shirts signed by Roine Stolt of The Flower Kings, Steve Hackett (ex-Genesis) and Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull) if you buy your ticket by October 26th)


SWEDEN PROG FEST 2012 på Bryggarsalen i
STOCKHOLM den 23 november - www.tickster.com

FREE The Flower Kings app for iPhone and Android

23rd June 2012
Check out the new Mobile App by The Flower Kings. This free Mobile App lets you listen to music, check out photos and videos, read blog posts and get exclusive push notifications straight to your mobile device.

New Interview and medley teaser of "Numbers"

10th June 2012
Visit ProgRockMag.com to check out a new interview and an exclusive five minute medley teaser of "Numbers" the epic 26-minute opening track from the upcoming album "Banks Of Eden".

"Banks Of Eden" Press Statement

15th May 2012
Banks Of Eden

CD Pre-Sales start NOW.

The Flower Kings are back with a new album called "Banks of Eden" and it's the result of work in progress since December 2011. The updated version of the band showcases the classic lineup of Stolt, Bodin, Reingold and Froberg with the addition of new German prodigy powerhouse drummer Felix Lehrmann.

The new album "Banks Of Eden" was recorded with the band playing live in one room in Varispeed studio in January 2012, a recording much like in the old days of classic prog, before computers hit the market and this time with plenty of original 60's and 70's recording equipment, for a true warm analogue vintage sound. "We aimed for the classic big warm vinyl-sound of old records by Queen, Genesis, Zeppelin or Deep Purple," says Stolt.

The album will come as : Jewelcase standard (1 CD) - Digibook (2 CD) - Vinyl gatefold ( 2x LP + 2 x CD)

Here is the tracklisting incl. the 4 bonus tracks:

THE FLOWER KINGS – "Banks Of Eden"
  1. Numbers - 25:20
  2. For The Love Of Gold - 7:30
  3. Pandemonium - 6:05
  4. For Those About To Drown - 6:50
  5. Rising The Imperial - 7:40
BONUS CD (LTD digipak )
  1. Fireghosts (Bonus Track) - 5:50
  2. Going Up (Bonus Track) - 5:10
  3. Illuminati (Bonus Track) - 6:20
  4. Lo Lines (Bonus Track) - 4:40
Extra Material:
VIDEO Interview with the band in the studio - 20 min.

The album will also be available as a double gatefold orange vinyl - inlimited edition with stunning artwork by Silas Toball. The album opener is a 26 minute centrepiece that displays a few new harder, darker and more angular sides of the band.



For more information visit:
INSIDEOUTMUSIC online: www.insideoutmusic.com

Direct your Interview requests to PIRATE SMILE: peter.klapproth@pirate-smile.de

The Flower Kings will go on an extended headlining tour across Europe in September & October - Tour & ticket info will be up shortly. A few venues have already started ticketsales so good luck search them out if you are eager to get a tix.

Please click here for the complete list of tour dates.

Check out the "Banks Of Eden" medley

20th April 2012
Click here to check out a medley of the upcoming Flower Kings album "Banks Of Eden".

New Flower Kings album title, cover artwork and release date

13th April 2012
After five years of absence progressive cult rockband "The Flower Kings" will release their new studio album on the 18th of June.
The new sound carrier is called "Banks Of Eden".

It will be released throughout InsideOut Music (Century Media/ EMI).
The material is all classic Flower Kings, but the 2012 incarnation of the band mixes it up with both psychedelic and darker metal passages that place this album somewhere in between the late 60's proto prog and the new generation of art rock.

Roine comments:
"It was both a scary and exciting prospect to go back into the studio after an almost 5 year-long, well-earned hiatus. We have all been active with Transatlantic, Karmakanic, Agents Of Mercy since, so we were up to speed in the playing department, but starting TFK again put some weight on my shoulders I suppose, but it's fun.

Realizing now with ELP, Crimson, Genesis, Gentle Giant, Pink Floyd being history we are among the new eldermen of Prog and we feel responsible for keeping the standard up, so a lot of hard work is gonna go into the coming months.

The core members are there and for this re-starting of TFK we brought in new 26 year old drummer prodigy Felix Lehrmann who we feel Felix is gonna breathe life into both the new and old material in a live setting, possibly with a more hard hitting edge.

The progressive daredevil at the helms made us start the new album with a 25 min epic centerpiece that is NOT easy listening. But the material also has all classic elements of the Flower Kings style with all the dreamy melodic & cinematic glow sprinkled all over, that the band's fans have come to love over the years.

My advice is: just give it time and it will be very rewarding."

Banks Of Eden

To learn more about "Banks Of Eden" check out the 2 videos (2 out of a sequence of several videos to be launched) while they were in the studio:

YOUTUBE clips Ahoy:



In all likelihood the band will go on an extended headlining tour across Europe in September. But it's for sure that they will play their first official re-union gig at the Sweden Rock Festival and one month later 7th July at Loreley "Night Of Prog".

Check in here soon to get all the European tour dates.

For more information visit:
INSIDEOUTMUSIC online: Visit the new InsideOut Shop:

THE FLOWER KINGS - Press statement Feb 2012

2nd February 2012
Legendary progressive, iconic, symphonic rockband "The Flower Kings", formed in 1995 by guitarist, singer, composer Roine Stolt ( Transatlantic ), announce their immediate return to service in 2012, after an almost 5 years well earned hiatus.
The band consisting of Roine Stolt, bassplayer extraordinaire Jonas Reingold, keyboarder grand deluxe Tomas Bodin, singer & guitarist Hasse Froberg and new 26 year old Berliner dextrous drummer prodigy Felix Lehrmann, started the recording of a new album at Varispeed studios in Sweden on January 23rd.
The music is recorded in classic 70's style, with all musicians performing live in a room thru 70's vintage tube recording equipment and famous NEVE consoles.
If all Gods and muses are onboard the new TFK is scheduled for an album release on June 6th on the Inside Out Music label (Century Media/EMI).
The yet unnamed album has a 23 min epic centerpiece and the material is all classic Flowerkings style with all the dreamy melodic & cinematic elements that the bands fans has come to love over the years, but also contain some heavier psychedelic music and some darker hi energy material.

The band is likely to embark on a headline european tour in september this year but will have it's official first re-union gig at the "Sweden Rock Festival" in June 7th - 2012.

Source: Foxtrot Music/IOM/Century Media

The Flower Kings 2012

Photo: Per Nordin

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